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  • Work with us

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    Work with our NYS certified trauma-informed K-12 art educator. With 15 years in a classroom and a collective 23 years of educating, Kim Popolizio will bring a customized program to your school. Kim specializes in using art as a vehicle to teach self-awareness, communication, mindfulness, and foster innovation and creativity through the process of art.

  • Special Education Classes/Flex Classes/General Education Classes

    Kim has worked in special education for over 20 years. The i2Evolve curriculum is uniquely created to be accessible for all abilities. Our Strive for Five framework brings every student an opportunity to experience how expressive arts can calm the nervous system, mind our mind, focus, and encourage communication. As teachers, we differentiate our instruction based on the students sitting before us. We listen to your individual needs as a class and customize a creative solution to assist you in supporting your student’s social and emotional skills. Learning through the process of art is both fun and rewarding.

    We recommend 2-4 sessions. Each session is 1-hour long. This includes (1) certified teacher and (1) assistant. A full art studio set-up in your classroom, clean-up, and all necessary art supplies.

    Prices vary based on location, class size, and number of sessions. Call for scheduling or more information.

  • Professional Development

    Our experience extends into professional development for school staff. Our workshops offer creative art techniques to encourage student communication and nurture the social and emotional needs of the school community. This is a hands-on experience that will provide the professionals an opportunity to reflect and learn how to apply this to their practice. Teachers and mental health professionals will walk away with practical lessons and ideas to bring back to their students.

    We will travel to your location or host at our studio. Our studio can accommodate up to 20 adults.

    We recommend 3-hours for one professional development session. Our studio workshops include light refreshments.

    Add-On: Take home kit that includes art supplies to practice with clients/students.

    Prices vary based on travel and number of participants. Call for scheduling and more information.

  • Agencies/All Abilities

    One of our main offerings include working with agencies. We have worked with community-based programs, group homes housing children and adults, foster care families, kinship-care families, day treatment programs, and individual private sessions for individuals most at-risk. This program is proud to announce that we have had 100% participation during every session taught.

  • Group Homes / Day Treatment

    Do you run a group home or work at one? Let i2Evolve be a fun outing or activity that will serve as a much-needed non-clinical healing art session. We offer various projects that help individuals with everyday challenges. We will work closely with your staff to provide a positive and engaging experience for everyone. Participants will make discoveries about themselves and learn how art encourages communication. Mindfulness techniques are woven into the session giving individuals an opportunity to feel calm and focused. Projects are customized to your group.
    We have had wonderful success spending down grants by offering packages that include art exhibits. These opportunities helped agencies secure grants, bring families together, and most of all, boost the self-esteem and self-worth of hundreds of children. Outdoor photography experiences and in-house art making has introduced participants to a world of art and hidden potential.

    Day treatment programs also benefit from our curriculum. We offer push-in art classes and will work with your schedule year-round. Small packages or one-off sessions also available.

    *We recommend 4-6 sessions however you may book a one-time session. Sessions run between one and two hours.

    • *We will travel to your location within 50 miles of our location.
    • *Our art studio serves up to 20 guests

    *Add-Ons available:

    • take-home art-kits
    • food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and refreshments)
    • cotton candy or fresh popcorn individually wrapped “to go” or during session.

    Prices vary based on travel, number of participants, and customized programming Call for scheduling and more information

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