• i2Evolve specializes in birthday parties where participants experience art in an environment that keeps the birthday child and guests excited and entertained! Parents can relax without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We do it all! Our studio is known for its inclusivity and unique approach to process art, making the party creative and unique!

    • Base Party Cost: $450 (Up to 10 participants)
    • Each additional guest: $25
    • Party Duration: 1.5 Hours

    *Additional time can be added. Price will vary based on time and project.

  • Party includes:

    1-hour project.

    Pizza with water and juice option OR Snack Table of individually wrapped salty and sweet snacks with water and juice option.

    Basic set-up (Small decorations, plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and table coverings)

    Staff set-up and clean-up.

    Additional staff (Based on the age and number of participants)

    Choose your party project/theme below!

  • Clay Cupcake Party

    (Ages 6 and up)

    Does your child like making sculptures and playing with clay? Our air-dry clay can be sculpted with various tools and taken home on the same day. Our art educator will teach participants how to make (4) cupcakes using hand-building techniques. Multiple decorations and watercolor paints will allow the party-goers to be self-expressive and creative. Each child will receive a bakery box to hold their cupcakes and additional materials to design their package.

  • Mask-making Party

    (Ages Pre-K and Up)

    We can customize this party based on the age of your child.  Mask-making is a great way to jump-start your child’s imagination.  Whether you are three years old or 93, making masks connect us to characters, animals, story-telling, and more.  We will offer animal inspiration or curate this project based on the interest or theme of your choice. A solid white mask begs to be designed, painted, and decorated with a variety of materials from our collection. The party-goers will love creating their very own work of art. Participants leave your party with a unique mask and a fun story.

  • Extra Ad-ons

    Cotton Candy (Strawberry or Blue Raspberry)
    We can pre-make the cotton candy and package it for your guests to take home,
    or we can kick up the machine during the party and provide this sweet treat
    after pizza.

    Cost: $30 (Up to 10 participants)
    $5 Each additional guest

    Fresh hot popcorn (Salted or Non-Salted)

    Enjoy our old-fashioned popcorn freshly made at our studio. Your guests can take home their popcorn with our pre-made option, or we can pop it fresh during the party for all to enjoy after creating their art piece.

    Cost: $30 (Up to 10 participants)
    $5 Each additional guest

    These tattoos can add to any themed party.

    Cost: $25 (Up to 10 participants)
    $3 Each additional guest

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