“Kim offers a truly one-of-a-kind program. My daughter has been lucky enough to be a part of her early group offerings and I have been blown away by Kim’s ability to connect with, inspire, educate, and nurture the kids in her midst. Her projects are amazing. The lessons in mindfulness are woven into the art making in a way that feels effortless. Kim is truly a gifted teacher and embodies what she teaches.” – Allison G.


“We race our kids around to all sorts of sports, lessons, music, engagements…but do we ever take the time to teach them to just breathe? Or just be? My lovely friend Kim opened up i2Evolve in Red Hook. Expressive art + meditation – how great is that? If you haven’t already, check it out. She’s amazing and the tools she is arming our kids with to actually breathe through it all are invaluable. Check.it Out!!! “ – Kate K.


“So excited for my son and the community that i2evolve is here! The kids work through art mediums, yes! They are invited to explore feelings and sensations, textures, colors; and Kim who guides them and holds the space is so nurturing and has the loveliest voice you ever heard..” – Sarah W.