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Open Studio

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Our art instruction is dynamic. The camp explores two dominant approaches to art called process and foundational art.  The advantage of understanding these two approaches will empower each student to determine the best way art can benefit their individual needs.  As a bonus, the classes are constructed with life lessons that help students manage stress and anxiety.  Meditation techniques are woven into each lesson to provide an added skill that lasts a lifetime.  We offer a unique program that can only be found at i2Evolve.  We all evolve when we experience the profound benefits of artistic expression and self-awareness.

Understanding the Difference Between Process Art and Foundational Art

Process Art is defined as an artistic movement where the end product of art and craft is not the principal focus; the process of its making is one of the most relevant aspects, if not the most important one.

Foundational Art at i2Evolve will focus on “drawing basics.”  These include perspective, form, value, lighting, anatomy, color theory, and composition.

Birthday Parties
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