i2Evolve offers their own spin on “Paint & Sips.” This is not your everyday step-by-step paint instruction. We use “Expressive” arts, live music and libations to set the tone for a wonderful experience with friends and loved ones! We provide a basic framework/outline and let the individual use their imagination and creativity to complete a 100% unique piece of art! Absolutely no art background needed. Our projects can be created by all. This style of art leaves no room for comparisons. No participant will leave the party feeling defeated, less then or thinking they have inferior art skills. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Cost: Contact for details

Duration: 2 hours

Age: 21-Older

On-site/Off-site options available

Live/Pre-recorded music options available



All materials needed to create project.

Instructors to help guide participants through the artwork.

Music to inspire and entertain all in attendance.

Mindfulness and meditative prompts to calm and relax participants.