Agencies, Schools and Residential Homes

We are an art and meditation studio that focuses on process art, self-awareness, creativity, and meditation techniques.  Our goal is to help children build emotional intelligence and resilience through art and discover how that feels on the body. Our meditation teaches different techniques that help to de-escalate and calm the nervous system through simple breathing exercises and gentle reminders of present moment awareness while creating. The reflection carves out time for each student to pay close attention to how their body experienced art. 

We are proud to announce that since inception of our services, we have had 100% participation.  This includes services with:

*Day Treatment Programs

*Residential Care for youth and teens

*Adult Programs

*Community-Based Programs

*Special Education Classrooms in Public and Private schools

*Professional Development for School counselors/therapists/psychologist and teachers

*General Education Classrooms

*Kinship Care Programs

*Foster Care Programs

*Caregiver Support Groups

and more…..

Our services can be provided at our cozy studio in the center of Red Hook village, N.Y. or we can bring our service to you.  We travel in and around the Capital District and Hudson Valley.  Special accommodations are considered. 

We recognize that each group is unique.  We carefully plan each project to focus on techniques that specifically support the needs of all students.  

How it works.

Phase 1:  Initial Meeting.  Presentation at your location.  Planning and development based on your needs.  

Phase 2:  Execution of Program.  Every session includes set-up, clean-up and necessary materials and equipment.

Phase 3:  Art Exhibition (optional)

Please contact Kim with any additional questions: