Draw With Me/Step by Step

Group Parties or One-On-One

i2Evolve will now be offering “Draw With Me” tutorials with our in-house artist Robert Popolizio. Group parties or one-on-one classes are offered using an online platform. For all ages.

Below are some examples of the animal series we have been working on with some of our students. We start with basic blocking of shapes and continue on to a penciled drawing.

Finally we educate on tips and tricks for taking their art to finished piece with ink, markers in black and white or color.

Our classes are not limited to drawing just animals. Contact us for pricing/details.

Snow Leopard

Chinese Dragon

First we make the shapes in light pencil. This gives our artists a clear image of the desired layout. We use these for placement of the drawing on the page and as a guide for the next step in the illustration.

Next we start to flesh out the drawing by connecting the shapes we drew in light pencil. We add the details using an array of tips and tricks and start to darken the pencil lines as the animal takes shape.

Finally we ink the drawing and erase all the shape and pencil lines. Now color can be added with any mixed media to really bring the artwork to life!

 Chinese Dragon

This is a project we worked on for a birthday party.

The children followed the process and were allowed to add their creative touches so each design would not look same.

In this example our young artist inked and colored her dragon!

Artist is O.H. (9 Years Old)




Timber Rattlesnake

Shapes of the snake that students will draw in light pencil

A loose pencil sketch connecting the shapes and adding details as we darken the light pencil lines

The finished inked snake with the pencil lines erased is now ready to strike!


Timber Rattlesnake

This is a project we worked on for a camp on Zoom

The Children used the shape/pencil and then ink technique after learning some cool facts we provide about the animals we draw.

In the example our young artist did a nice inked version of this coiled snake!

Artist is


Red Tailed Hawk

By breaking the hawk into shapes we can see the basic parts that make up this beautiful animal

Our pencil work starts to bring the realism and details of the bird

The black line really brings to life the feathers as the hawk soars through the air

 Red Tailed Hawk


This is another project in our aniaml series again for a camp.

The children study the basic shapes but also learn the intricate details of the animals feathers, beak, eyes etc.

In this exaple our young artist has done a dark pencil drawing of the winged marvel in flight.

Artist is