Private and Semi-Private Drawing Classes
Specifically catered to your needs as an artist!

i2Evolve offers drawing classes with our in-house artist Mr. Pop. In studio classes are available. This is a one hour weekly course. Private class consists of one-one-one learning. Semi-private classes will consist of up to four students. For all ages.

In these sessions you will learn the basics and fundamentals. We use an “Old school” approach to our teaching when it comes to drawing. Students will learn with pencils/pen-ink and paper. They will use circle/curve templates, triangles and rulers to create their pieces of art.

We hand draw and transfer art using light boxes and tracing paper. We finish with top quality mixed media paper for a professional look. We will add color using markers, colored pencils, pastels or paint. 

Along with the basics students will learn tips and tricks for maximizing there skills. Although the course is structured, students will have the freedom to create and make decisions while working within the framework of the course.

In todays world of tech with easy filters and art gimmicks, we feel first and foremost students should learn with a hands on approach to “real” drawing. 

We can craft the class to fit your needs as a budding artist! If interested contact us for pricing and available time slots.